Take Flight Aviation Program


Today, aviation touches nearly every aspect of our daily lives. It's an integral part of our society, and there is a growing need for qualified people in the industry. On average, an aircraft leaves the surface of the Earth every three seconds! And, statistically speaking, air transport is the safest mode of transportation. Today’s aviation maintenance and aerospace industry holds a wealth of opportunity as it is one of the fastest growing sectors in Canada. Careers in aviation and aerospace are not limited simply to being a pilot or a flight attendant. In fact, most jobs are in manufacturing, and in maintenance, repair and overhaul. Right now is the time to enter these industries, because the workforce is getting older and many current workers are close to retirement. Canada needs tens of thousands of young people to enter this vital industry in order for it to continue to grow. It needs pilots, machinists, mechanics, fabricators & many more. More information on the aviation industry and requirements can be found here on the Canadian Council for Aviation & Aerospace website. 

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