Cat Lake Schedules


North Star Air respects the safety and well-being of all First Nations communities. Due to community restrictions and COVID-19, flight schedules may change. 

At North Star Air, the safety and well-being of our entire network, including our passengers, customers, employees and communities, is always our number one priority.

In response to the spread of COVID-19 virus within Canada, North Star Air has undertaken a series of key actions to help protect the health and safety of our passengers, customers, employees and communities and to ensure continuity of the essential services we provide on a daily basis into the North. All travellers will be subject to a pre-boarding temperature check. Face coverings must be worn during entire travel experience. See details here

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Flight # Location Arrival Departure
102 Thunder Bay 8:30
150 Sioux Lookout 8:30 9:15
150 Cat Lake 9:45 10:00
150 Round Lake 10:30 10:45
103 Sioux Lookout 11:45 12:30
103 Thunder Bay 14:30


Flight # Location Arrival Departure
100 Thunder Bay 14:30
120 Sioux Lookout 14:30 15:45
120 Cat Lake 16:15 16:30
120 Round Lake 17:00 17:15
120 Sioux Lookout 18:15 19:00
101 Thunder Bay 21:00

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