CHARTER - Tailored Travel Experience


At North Star Air, the safety and well-being of our entire network, including our passengers, customers, employees and communities we serve, is always our number one priority.

In response to the spread of COVID-19 virus within Canada, North Star Air has undertaken a series of key actions to help protect the health and safety of our passengers, customers, employees and communities we serve and to ensure continuity of the essential services we provide on a daily basis into the North. Click here to learn more.




Our charter flights are for those who have a need for a dedicated aircraft to transport passengers, cargo or both. Whether your charter needs are for business, leisure or personal our charter services are tailored to meet your plans, schedules and itinerary.

Our fleet represents the best in turbo prop aircraft and we can accomodate up to 37 passengers.

Wherever your destination is located across Canada or North America, we provide safe, affordable and reliable transport for all your needs. If you have any questions or to receive a quote on your next charter, please email  or click here!

Use our charter services for:

  • Executive and Employee travel
  • Business meetings
  • Conference attendees
  • Sports teams
  • School groups
  • Groceries and other delivery goods
  • Special events
  • Community events
  • Crisis



  • Complete flexiblity
  • Tailor your schedule to suit your needs, including multiple stops
  • Enjoy the privacy, whether for meetings, business or personal  preference
  • Increase employee productivity by creating a schedule best suited for your business needs