Baggage Information


Baggage Policy


Checked Baggage

Free baggage allowance is 40 lb (18 kg) per ticket-holding passenger; any baggage in excess will be charged the applicable excess baggage rate (see chart below), and will be accommodated on a space-available basis. For information on seat blocking in order to guarantee space for priority excess baggage, please contact our Reservations department at 1-844-633-6294 or 

A maximum of 1 pieces are allowed for carry-on/carry-out baggage, and are included in the checked baggage weight; the carry-on/carry-out baggage baggage must not exceed 40 cm x 33 cm x 20 cm in dimension; the maximum weight of carry-on/carry-out baggage allowed is 13 lb (6 kg). Carry-ons are permitted on Dash-8 aircraft, however on PC-12 aircraft bags will be collected at boarding and returned upon arrival. 

All baggage must be checked-in at once. No additional baggage will be accepted after passenger boarding passes have been issued.

All baggage must be properly packaged and taped, with identification attached to each item before check-in. For your protection, pack such items, along with medication, etc., in your carry-on baggage or on your person.

North Star Air will accept a fragile or perishable item without a limited liability release if it:

  • Is packaged in the original factory-sealed container
  • Includes internal protective packing material
  • Is typically designed for shipping

Items that are not appropriately packaged, and are not assistive devices, will be accepted upon completion of a limited liability release.

Security inspections will be conducted in Thunder Bay on all checked baggage.


Dangerous Goods

It is dangerous and illegal to pack dangerous goods in baggage or to carry them on board. Don't pack matches in your luggage; carry them on your person. Check with reservations or airline staff before packing or carrying gases, corrosives, substance of which you are uncertain.

As a general rule passengers and crew members are not permitted to transport dangerous goods on board an aircraft in their carry-on or checked baggage, or on their person. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. Please consult the following websites for the Provisions for dangerous goods carried by passengers or crew:

Or contact a North Star Air agent for more information.


Excess Baggage

North Star Air understands that at times, it may be necessary to travel with an item that exceeds the size or weight limitations or is in excess of the free allowance. Additional charges apply to this type of baggage. Excess baggage charges cannot be waived, and will be collected at the ticket counter. Any piece over the free baggage allowance or baggage that exceeds the size and weight limitations will be subject to additional charges. Excess baggage is transported on a space-available basis and will be carried subject to load capacities of the aircraft. Other restrictions may apply. Baggage in excess of 99 pounds or 80 linear inches will not be accepted as checked baggage. Assistive devices, including electric wheelchairs over 99 pounds, will be accepted.

Excessive Baggage Rates: All charges are calculated on a one-way basis and collected at the airport ticket counter.


Baggage Claims

North Star Air is not liable for loss, damage, or delayed delivery of such items as valuable, fragile or perishable articles, medication, money, jewelry, and negotiable papers, nor for damage that resulted from improper packing, baggage or package defects, nor damage attributable to normal wear and tear such as zippers, scuffs, scratches, nicks, dents, missing straps, feet, clips and wheels.

Baggage is considered items tendered by a passenger to North Star Air at the time of check-in. It could be regular baggage as part of the free baggage allowance or excess baggage, they are both equally considered as baggage.  Missing or damage claims must be received within 7 calendar days of travel to be eligible for compensation.

For missing baggage or damaged baggage please complete a Missing/Lost/Damaged Baggage Report.

Baggage carried on behalf of another passenger is not subject for compensation; please be sure to check-in your own baggage.

Please review our Local Domestic Tariff for more information about baggage liability.

Mobility Devices

North Star Air will make accommodations for passengers with special needs or disabilities travelling with medical devices. Please be sure to contact us 48 hours in advance to make arrangements.



North Star Air welcomes pets on-board all fligths operated by Dash-8 aircraft, for passenger comfort North Star Air does not allow pets to travel on-board PC-12 aircraft. We will accept pets for travel provided the kennel is approved by the airline. A service fee will be charged based on the weight of the animal inside the kennel and its intended destination. Most pets, due to their size, crew and passenger allergies, etc. must travel in the baggage compartment of the aircraft. We require that guests traveling with pets inform one of our agents at the time of reservation, as arrangements must be made to secure appropriate accommodations. Please contact Reservations at 1-844-633-6294 or for more information.