ATR 72-500F & ATR 72-500F-LCD



ATR 72-500F and ATR 72-500F-LCD

The flagship of North Star Air's fleet, the ATR 72-500F is recognized as the most cost-effective regional aircraft in the industry. North Star Air is the first airline to operate the new -500 series ATR 72 in Canada. The aircraft's payload is up to 18,000 lbs and it's short, gravel field performance is unmatched in its category. North Star Air introduced the ATR 72-500F in May 2018 on routes from Thompson MB into Northern Canada. ATR 72-500F aircraft is available for charter throughout North America. 


Specification ATR 72-500F ATR 72-500F-LCD (Large Cargo Door)
Speed 275 knots 275 knots
Range 1,000 nm 1,000 nm
Passenger Load 0 0
Runway Requirement 4,000 ft  4,000 ft
Cargo Up to 18,000 lbs Up to 18,000 lbs
Bulk Fuel Capacity Up to 9,236 litres Up to 9,236 litres
Cubic Volume 2000 Cubic Ft. Useable 2000 Cubic Ft. Useable
Cargo Hold Dimensions 600"L x 90"W x 69"H 600"L x 90"W x 69"H
Door Size 60" w x 50" h 115" w x 69" h
Max Altitude 25,000 ft  25,000 ft
Bases Pickle Lake, Red Lake, Kapuskasing, Thompson Pickle Lake, Red Lake, Kapuskasing, Thompson