Community Minded Involvement


Community Minded Involvement

Revenue Share Partnerships and more!



North Star Air is proud and committed to playing an active role in making a positive difference within the First Nation communities.

One of our community-minded principals at North Star Air is that a healthy and vibrant community culture is essential to realizing First Nations communities' vision to self-determination.

In support of this principle and in collaboration with communities, the following areas have been identified where North Star Air can contribute to making a long lasting positive difference:

Arts and Culture


Environment & Sustainability

Healthy Living

Sports and Recreation

In addition to our community-minded initiatives, we are also contributing financially to the economic growth of our community partners through our revenue sharing agreements. Since inception in 2014, North Star Air has provided over $6 million back to it's community partners. 

Over the coming months, we will be working closely with the communities to engage and support those initiatives that will provide the biggest positive impact to their communities.