Pilatus PC-12

The Pilatus PC-12 is a new generation of aircraft designed and manufactured in Switzerland.  There are now more than 1,500 PC-12s in service since the first one launched in 1995.  With a 2000 mile range, 300 mph cruise speed with high altitude and all weather capability, this aircraft has been a world beater from inception.  A stellar safety record and quiet, comfortable, passenger friendly design characteristics make this aircraft a customer favorite.

North Star Air's PC-12 aircrafts offer both executive and commuter configurations depending on the load and passenger requirements.  The commuter Pilatus YZS offers fast comfortable travel for larger parties who need space for additional gear. Both aircraft offer the same in-flight service of self serve refreshments. As well, both aircraft offer seating configurations to accommodate up to 9 passengers.



Cessna Grand Caravan

North Star Air's Cessna Caravan fleet of two Grand Caravans offer wheel service to airstrips across Ontario, Manitoba and Quebec.  These safe, reliable aircrafts are the work horse of the north.  With load capabilities of 3000 lbs, the caravan can economically transport passengers, freight or a combination of both, quickly and securely to just about any landing location (land and ice).

Hauling drums, lumber, tools, equipment, drill and camp equipment or passengers and their luggage, this aircraft will meet your needs.