Our charter flights are for those who have a need for a dedicated aircraft to transport passengers, cargo or both. Whether you charter needs are for business, leisure or personal our charter services are tailored to meet your plans, schedules and itinerary.

Our fleet represents the best in turbo prop aircraft and wherever your destination is located across Canada or North America, we provide safe, affordable and reliable transport for all your needs.

Use our charter services for:

executive and employee travel

business meetings

conference attendees

sports teams

school groups

groceries and other delivery goods

special events

community events


Benefits of our charter services

complete flexiblity

make schedules that suites your needs, including multiple stops

enjoy the privacy, whether for meetings, business or personal  preference

increase employee productivity by creating a schedule best suited for your business needs

discover the safety, reliability and affordabilty of North Star Air


Save on the full charter cost  by booking our on-demand charter services and you can obtain more details by contacting  reservations @ 1.844.633.6294 or emailing reservations@northstarair.ca.

Discover the safe, affordable and reliable services of North Star Air's charter services.

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