ARRIVAL AT AIRPORT - If you are being dropped off please ensure your ride is stopping only at designated drop off zones. For parking, please utilize the correct parking lot and if you have any questions regarding drop off or parking please contact your local airport.

CHECK-IN PROCESS - Please proceed to the North Star Air check-in counter with your baggage. Government issued photo ID is required. Please utilize our bag tags with your name, address and contact phone number to help you identify your baggage. Flights Departing Thunder Bay, Sioux Lookout, Red Lake: 90 minutes recommended, 45 minutes cut-off.   Flights Departing All Other Airports: 60 minutes recommended, 30 minutes cut-off.  The confirmed seats of no-show passengers will be made available to standby passengers. For more details on all our travel policies, please visit our North Star Air website

BOARDING PROCESS - Before boarding the aircraft please ensure that all your personal belongings are with you. If pre-boarding assistance is required, please advise our Customer Service Representatives. Please ensure you are following direction from our staff prior to boarding the aircraft. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff.

IN-FLIGHT PROCESS - Once you have taken your seat, please pay attention to the in-flight announcement from the pilot. If you require assistance in fastening yours or your child's seat belt, please inform our crew and they will be pleased to help you. We suggest that you keep your seat belt fastened throughout the flight, as we may experience turbulence.

ARRIVAL AT DESTINATION - Once you arrive at your destination please make your way to the arrivals area to pick up your baggage. If you have any issues with your baggage, please speak to one of our agents at the North Star Air counter. Please ensure you are following airport policies and refrain from smoking in non-designated areas.